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The march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama struck me. As a white male from the Midwest, I grew up in a school system with just one black family. Knowing the anniversary was approaching I decided to spend some time along that highway where so many  focused their attention in 1965. I drove to Alabama in my car and spent 10 days driving the highway, walking the highway and meeting people along the stretch of road. I explored the culture and mindset of those living in the aftermath of this great civil rights battleground. The questions I wanted answered are “What has changed?” and “What has stayed the same?”. 

The end product of my research and time has been this “prototype” of the famous DoubleTake magazine if it were to relaunch. I designed, edited and created the layout. All the photograhs are mine except one.  I wrote the copy and published the piece using Issuu, an online magazine template. My intent is to return to the area and add more personal stories and add a multimedia component. A grant proposal has been written and is awaiting review. 

Here is the link to Song of Selma